Saturday, August 24, 2013



Hi there! I was waiting for you. . . . .
What took you so long to drop by?

My name is Grace Amante, a freelance writer for online contents like blog and websites. I am also a copywriter and can work on sales and marketing copies for your business.

This is the right place to hire a top quality writing service.

If you're engaged in a small business or a start-up professional service that requires some nicely written words to move your target customers into action (sales, of course), then my writing service would probably be what you need right now.

I have a soft heart for the solopreneurs and owners of small businesses as I am one myself.
You and I know that building a business from ground up is like pushing yourself through a needle hole. You know you need all the marketing services you could get but . . .

And these costs include writing jobs, social media management, transcription and video production
--- services that lay the foundation of your online business.

I'm quite sure you'll agree.

So call it coincidence . . . serendipity . . . divine intervention . . . or as the street lingo would say ----Whatever!
You're here because you need help in your business.
And I am all help.

Stay a while and look around. Check out my portfolio to see sample works
or some blog posts that allow me to share some writing knowledge to clients and writers alike.

And if you like what you see, do contact me.
A friendly conversation is always nice to have.

Have a nice day!