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Yes, I pride very much on happy clients. They're my inspiration to do better and better each time. 

I feel blessed to have them in my roster.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures (program script + video editing)
Unlimited Source (company profile + graphic design)
Eton Properties (video script + video editing)
Diamond Laboratory (video script + video production)
Unilever (press conference program script)
Philequity Management, Inc. (program script + video production + event activation)
Pharmalink by Zuellig Pharma (video script + video production)
Getz Pharma Philippines (video script + video editing)
DTI Sorsogon OTOP (product writing)
Paladin Security (marekting copywriting + graphic design)
Jocelyn Forge (product catalogue)
First Estan Trading (product catalogue + graphic design)
World Council for Curriculum and Instructions (brochure + graphic design)
Teachers Organization of the Philippines (brochure + graphic design)
Cafe Ysabel (restaurant menu)
DNA Trading and Export (fact sheet + graphic design)
Aquahealth (newsletter)
Marnol Realty (video script)
My Skin My Shape Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (marketing collaterals + graphic design)
Terra Wellness Spa (flyer + graphic design / audio script + audio production)


To check out samples of online content articles I've written for various niches,  please view them on mediafire:  http://goo.gl/9jV1hM

I have written numerous articles in each of these niches and writing services:
  • Jobs and Business
  • Beauty and Health
  • Relationships
  • Dating and Sex
  • Flowers and Wedding
  • Organic Farming
  • Consumer Technology
  • Finance and Investments
  • Book Review
  • Ghostwriting
  • Paraphrasing

Below are just some excerpts from previous writing works for local clients



We are all witnesses to one of the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression in 1930’s -- and in a mindset that we could understand: key businesses and financial institutions began to fold up one after the other, people were losing their jobs and their homes, financial obligations were left unpaid and consumer wealth has substantially declined. All these contributed to the significant slowdown of global economic activities essential to economic growth.

No developing country was spared. Each paid their share of financial loses. Fear ignited more fear, resulting in a steady drop in the stock market around the world. It became imperative for government leaders and central banks to come together and orchestrate efforts to bailout the failing financial system, thereby saving the global economy from the possibility of deflation. . . . . .


For the year 2010, we as investors are basically concerned how well the stock market will do again. Will it be as spectacular as the past year, or will it post new threat to our investments?

Still, everything is a matter of economics, interlinking ours with the rest of the world. Fortunately, we are seeing clear signs of financial improvements. The investment environment is starting to become favorable again --- giving us a positive forecast for this year. Financial experts see our economy expanding further and kept strong due to continued heavy remittances of Filipinos abroad, increased government spending for rebuilding of infrastructures and the pouring of huge amounts of money during the election period. . . . . .


How many times have we found ourselves guilty of daydreaming of a brighter and financially secured future only to be stopped by our own fears and therefore failing to take actions to make it all happen?--- that is, not willing to make a financial investment.

Unfortunately, the word “investment” has a stigma attached to it, as described by majority of individuals. They associate investment with the risk of losing something of value.

But everyone has financial dreams and goals: either to fund a college education, to travel, to start or expand a business,
to support your golden years, or to contribute to charity ---  (pause)

and given all these in mind, doing nothing to work towards achieving your goals is the greatest risk you or anyone could take.

In other words, by not investing for the future you have
99.9 % chances of running the RISK of:

-          not being able to afford college funding for your children
-          not being able to fulfill a potential business
-          not being able to afford the cost of future medical expenses
-          not being able to stop working even when you need to

The risk lies in not doing anything. If you or anyone you know seem to be shying away from investments, well, I cannot blame you. We have experienced a turbulent time both here and abroad. We experienced how our economy suffered, as well as thousands of individual investors. . . . . . .

An outstanding market rebound concelebrated by Philequity Management, Inc. and Wealth Securities Inc.

In celebration of the highest year-end performance to date of Philequity Fund, Inc. and the media launch of Wealth Securities’ Online trading facility, Philequity Management, Inc. and Wealth Securities Inc. held their first Joint Investors’ Forum last February 11, 2010 at the Philippine Stock Exchange Auditorium in Ortigas Center in Pasig City. The forum was well attended by some 250 guests waiting to hear some investment wisdom from the country’s top-rated fund managers and stock analysts.

Mike Enriquez, General Manager of Philequity Management. Inc. opened the forum with a strong, investor-centered message -- “Any bad financial circumstance, especially in the stock market, never really last forever. In whatever market condition, you need to stay invested. We are here to help you concentrate on the rewards of long term investing and urge you to take those rewards to heart.” Explaining further that fear of investing is a natural reaction of investors in a market downturn; he added “doing nothing to work towards achieving your goals is the greatest risk you or anyone could take. An investor only needs to remain calm, optimistic, and patient and be guided accordingly by their fund managers and stock brokers to make the right investment decisions.”

Philequity Management Inc. has proven that this investment principle works and by maintaining sound judgment in determining a good investment opportunity, positive reward is highly possible. Hence, with the outstanding market rebound Philequity Fund Inc. made another history in the mutual fund industry with its 65% year end return for 2009. . .  


Jeko International Shipping Services, Inc.  was formed with the commitment  to provide its  targeted global business  environment  with manpower services  that is at par  with  global  standards.

This business has been created on the basis of years of market observations on the steady growth of manpower services in the shipping industry. Jeko International Shipping Services, Inc. feels that it is able to compete well and satisfy well its clients as it begins operations by the last quarter of 2007.

In order to maximize profit during its initial operations, Jeko International Shipping Services, Inc. will operate under limited in-house personnel, with its President actively participating in its management. It will use the services of consultants in various fields of operation to make sure that appropriate business knowledge is applied in lieu of time.

Jecko International Shipping Services, Inc. will operate its business at 10 Flerida St., Acacia, Malabon City, Philippines.

Business Objectives

Jecko International Shipping Services, Inc. has the following inter-connected objectives for its initial year of operation, with corresponding assumptions:

  • Sales: The company conservatively targets 6 million pesos in gross annual sales in year 2007
  • New Business: The gross annual sales assumption will come from 5 -7 vessels, with cargo and oilrig vessels as their priority key accounts
  • Manpower Deployment: With the generation of business from 5 – 7 vessels, the company estimates at least 100 annual crew deployment . . . . 

    Not all available water is the same and what you don’t know may harm you.

It is taught and proven that water, and the drinking of it, plays a major importance in our well-being. Our body is two-thirds water: 10% is held in the blood and 85% is found in the lymphatic system, a network that consists of our organs, nodes, ducts and vessels. The right amount of water in the body helps it to function well and to become healthy in two ways: by supplying substantial amount of oxygen to the cells and by dissolving the harmful chemicals and toxins while carrying them out of the body.

      Kill the water and you kill its function

Distilling or purifying water is killing the water’s main function for your body.

Popularly known as Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Process, this cleans the water by removing harmful solids and water additives, while depleting its healthy components: rich minerals, electrons and oxygen, leaving it lifeless -- water void of the natural properties required for good health. Consuming this kind of water simply replenishes your required water intake but does no more for your body.

Without cell hydration and toxic elimination, the body’s immune system is diminished, making it prone to attacks of viruses and harmful bacteria.

     Alkaline Water battles the war inside your body

Your body acts like a crop field for plants and fruits. In order to have good harvest, the field itself must be treated, hydrated and taken care of. Like the crop field, we need to maintain our body’s internal environment healthy in order to keep our organs and internal systems functioning well. . . . 


In the earlier times, Irosin is a beautiful virgin valley that is home only to the wild animals. The natives prefer to live in the coastland where communication, travel and commerce are more accessible. The place remained undisturbed until settlers from Bulusan came in for wild pit or excavation, eventually making it their home. This early dwelling of the people of Bulusan gave power over the natives of Irosin to govern them. Over the years and by Catholic influence, the natives requested the church authorities a status of independent from Bulusan. It was granted thereon.

Irosin takes pride in the agricultural production of their vast lands. 83% of the total land use of Irosin is engaged in the production of rice, abaca, coconut and other crops; while other major parts of the land of Irosin are engaged in fisheries, forestry and build-up areas. Needless to say, farmers and agricultural workers account to the majority of the municipality’s total labor force. . . .


The municipality of Juban lies south of Sorsogon Bay and is 23 kilometers away from the provincial capital, Sorsogon City. Though known for its Antillan houses, it is better remembered by tourists for its naturally-beautiful landscape.
A wide area of the municipality is plantation to four kinds of crops: Abaca, Coconut, Pili Nut and Root Crops. While the municipality has become one of the major suppliers of these four kinds of crops, rootcrops are what they develop and specialize. For one, the ample produce of rootcrops makes it a staple food of the natives during the lean and typhoon season. . . . .

It’s about time you gift yourself
with real pleasure.

You deserve it, we know you do – after all you’ve been working hard, traveling a lot, and missing time out for some peace and quiet. A private break is just what you need.

TERRA WELLNESS SPA is your newest blissful retreat. Exclusive, unique and luxurious, each treatment communes you with the richness of earth’s healing effects using stones, crystals and botanicals. The moment you step in, you’ll be welcomed with wondrous treats for your senses – a surprising serenity amidst the city.

Go on, make that tranquil escape.

Call for booking.

A whole new reason to smile!

You always want to be at your best, but it’s hard to feel that way when you are missing a tooth or several more. At any age, losing a tooth or more could be due to an injury, a general bodily health, oral disease or decay. Not only it becomes unpleasant to look at, it also reduces your confidence to speak, enjoy certain types of foods and it could lead to more damage to the jawbone and remaining set of teeth.

Your best and permanent solution is a dental implant. It is a small man-made titanium screw that is attached to the jawbone in a very gentle fashion, serving as a strong and non-movable support for the replacement teeth – a distinct advantage over traditional options like dentures and bridges.

The result: you regain the closest thing to the look, feel and function of your natural teeth. . . . .

Beauty has never been this healthy.

Glutathione plays an important role in our health.

Glutathione is one of the most talked about beauty supplement now in Asia, but aside from its beauty benefits, it is a powerful antioxidant found within every cell of our body. It helps in nutrient metabolism, cell repair from damages caused by free radicals by increasing the body’s immune response. Glutathione is important in the prevention and cure of many diseases, and its deficiency contributes to oxidative stress, which plays a key role in aging and worsening of many diseases including liver disease, blood disease, HIV, AIDS, cancer, heart attack and diabetes.

The concentration of Glutathione in our body declines with age and in some age-related diseases.

The common factors that deplete the natural level of Glutathione in our body include: chronic disease, accumulation of bad oils, exposure to systemic poisons like pesticides, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy, stress, pollution, pharmaceutical drugs mostly pain relievers and low intake of foods that help stimulate the glutathione production. . . . .

Looking older is no longer a certainty

The aging process, together with other factors like sun exposure, environmental toxins, poor diet and stress diminish our pleasant appearance and physical vitality.

Recapture your beauty
And bring back the feeling of youth . . .


My Skin My Shape is backed by a team of highly competent and reputable doctors in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. With their years of vast patient exposure, you are assured of up-to-date techniques and procedures as well as safe and responsive patient care. The result: beauty that you can see, beauty that you can feel. No compromises.

In the definition of beauty, no two persons are alike; that is why patients are treated individually taking note of their personal desired change of enhancement for themselves. Your doctors at My Skin My Shape are your best partners in this personal goal. And in order to attain quality results for the procedure you are interested in, be sure to discuss your concerns to them . . . . 

Where your assets matter so does their security.

Paladin Protective Security Services was born in 1972 with the purpose of bringing security to everything that matters to you as a businessman and as an individual – to stand guard for your business investments or personal dwelling.

Paladin, a proud pioneer in the security service industry in the country for 35 years now, with Atty. Dominador Lim as one of its founders, officially registered the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1972. Paladin Security was initially established to provide security services to all buying stations and branches of Legaspi Oil Refineries in Mindanao, Visayas and Southern Luzon.

In 1975, Don Enrique Zobel, chairman of Ayala Corporation as its major stockholder, transferred ownership to Col. Antonio J. Henson and Col. Cesar U. Montemayor, who together with Atty. Dominador Lim, built Paladin to what it is today.

Your strong supporter and defender.
Your business or your home is an investment that needs protection; after all you’ve put a lot to what these investments are today.

The home is your place of comfort; it is a place where your love ones dwell.
Can you afford to take the risk where your investments, assets or the people that matter to you most are concerned?

Find out why Paladin Security is your best choice . . .

Wealth Securities, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 as broker and dealer of securities and is among the highest-capitalized brokers in the industry with paid up capitalization of P320million. The Company has access to a diverse client base, both retail and institutional investors, including high net worth individuals.

WSI is a leading member broker of the Philippine Stock Exchange and through the years, WSI has consistently ranked among the top local brokers in terms of value turnover. In year 2000, WSI was declared by Euromoney as the “Best Domestic Securities House in the Philippines” – owing to the combined equities market experience of its team of analysts for more than 20 years.

WSI made another monumental step in bringing excellent customer service to its client with its Online Trading Platform. This service provides stock brokerage service through the internet. Customers can now have access to a wealth of trading information, up-to-date news, analysis and charting tools. . . .

Manufacturer, Importer and Distributor

First Estan Trading is the manufacturer behind the established packaging brands such as Carnival and Trojan. These brands have long enjoyed large market share due to product quality and adaptability to various usages. As an importer and distributor, they carry industry brands as well as new and exciting products to meet the constant and changing needs of its customers.


PP Bento Boxes – These trays are made from microwave-safe, food grade materials and come with clear view lids that snap in place to close. The trays come in colors of combination red and black or plain black in single or multiple compartments.

Carnival Aluminum Trays – Light and sturdy are these ovenable, disposable containers for any cooked dishes and baked products. The top quality of the aluminum makes transfer of heat and maintenance of food temperature possible at all times. Perfect for household use and catering services. Available in various shapes and sizes.

Styro Plates and Trays – The cheapest way of packaging your food for dine-in or take-outs. Come in colors of black and white, in single or multiple compartments.

You work hard and play hard to have the best of everything;
to live a life like you’ve planned it to be,  for the dream investment
that is worth accomplishing.

There is one company that puts you in the heart of their plans,
to bring you closer to your dreams ---

ETON Properties Philippines Incorporated, a global real estate brand of The Lucio Tan Group of Companies, one of the Philippines’ biggest and well-established business conglomerates.

Eton Properties Philippines Incorporated is fast becoming a prestigious property development company specializing in mid-income to high-end luxury residences, state of the art office developments and township projects.

Eton Property is made for you,
with architectural plans that imagine you to be there –
dining there,
sleeping there,
enjoying the sun with families and friends.

All the things you need are conveniently within your reach;
with amenities that speak of luxury,
you’re at the center of both the action and relaxation.

Truly, a real experience of self-fulfillment, security,
comfort and style at a price that assures affordability.

Come home to your dream.
Come home to Eton.

Structures that greet the day

With innovation and uniqueness

With quality that is uncompromised

Built with strength to scrape the skies.

Come reach new heights

Join and take pride

Landmark after landmark

In real estate redefined.

Marnol Realty Corporation

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