About Grace

A writer no longer in hiding . . . .

Grace pursued her love for writing after nearly 15 years of toying with the idea. She knew she loves reading books but never really envisioned herself as a writer. Her personal journals are the only known witnesses to her love for this field.

Soon, after learning a skill in graphic design in 2006 and offering this service to local clients, she seemed to notice herself including bits and pieces of writing in her work. This made her clients happy, saving them extra money to hire marketing copywriters. It was after then that she developed the confidence to formally enter the copywriting field and use the chance to express her creative thoughts.  She learned to master the skill on-the-job.

Apart from sales and marketing copywriting, Grace also contributed her writing to video production. She writes video scripts and often provides the creative idea for the overall video production concept. Her clients in the PR industry also benefited from her work by writing for their press releases, press conferences and program scripts for events.

Of late, she explores yet another writing field: Online Article Writing while looking for the type of job she can do even in her golden years.  Writing in between other interests, she enjoys the variety of topics that force her to learn something new each day. She takes this “learning” part as a great perk of the job.

In order to satisfy her online clients that were initially her mentors, she brought herself up to speed by learning to write final draft each time thus making her article turnover efficiency rate of 50 mins. per 500-word of any general topic highly possible. Apart from previous writing experience as a sales and marketing copywriter for local businesses she’s worked on various online writing tasks like list content writing, ghost writing, paraphrasing and manual article spinning.

Grace has since become a full time online article writer and has written nearly 550 articles of various niches since the first half of 2013.

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