Frequently Asked Questions

"Is your writing services expensive?" 

Writing is a priceless art in itself and in this kind of art you need a professional to put together the right balance of simple but compelling words in a tone that matches your target readers. What is expensive is spending too much time going back and forth in writing long statements and still end up with empty words.

  Here are some more questions clients often ask me about my services:

1.       What is your writing experience?
Majority of the writing assignments I have done in the past were for marketing collaterals used for marketing campaign, business writing and online content.

2.       Is there an advantage in getting your services as compared to others?
Yes. I am, first and foremost, a marketer of business. By applying the principles of marketing in my writing style, I am able to help clients sell more for their business.

I am a professional businessman too. This means that whatever is important to you is also important to me: budget, efficient work, deadlines and sales. Burnout and writer's block are non-existent in my practice.

3.       How long does each writing assignment take?
Project turnaround depends on how fast you are able to provide the necessary data for use in the development of the writing assignment and predicative on your approval date.

Generally, a basic 1,000-word business writing assignment has a turnaround time of 2-3 days that includes research, drafting and revisions. For basic 500-word online content, the turnaround time is 1 day or less.

A brief discussion of your requirement will provide us with the best answer for the project’s turnaround time.

4.       How much does your writing service cost? Is it expensive?
Not at all. Our prices vary depending on the complexity of the project, whether the assignment is supplied to us with additional data to develop the writing, or will require additional research on our part. It is always best to have an initial discussion of the project before I could give you an accurate costing.

Big discounts are given for on-going project agreements.

5.       What is your payment policy?
I require partial payment deposit for each project before starting work. Additional payments for project milestones may also be required.

6.       What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept payments in forms of cash, personal check, bank deposit and money transfer.

7.       Is there cost for consultation of my writing project?
None. All initial consultations are free. We can use various digital communication platforms including email, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook or Skype. Once I have the necessary information of your requirements, I will email the quotation to you in 24 hrs. or less.

For those preferring the traditional communication, you may reach us through my landline.

8.       What is the writing project process?
Each assignment starts with the discussion of what message you want the writing project to deliver as well as the writing structure. Once these are finalized, writing will begin. Once the content is finished, I will submit it to you for your review and approval. Revisions will apply when necessary before submitting the final document.

9.       Do you accept rush jobs?
Yes, but depending on my workload. However, rush writing assignments are prone to more errors while it is being developed. It is always best to allow ample time for planning and content development.

10.   Do you accept technical writing assignments?
Yes. Some technical writing assignments take more time than others, with or without additional research. For these kinds of projects, it is best to provide ample time in the planning stage and content development.

11.   Do you have sample works we can check out?
I have an archive of previous works that you can review. Please feel free to check them out here

12.   Do you have a certain business field where your writing specializes in?
My form of writing is usable for any marketing communication material of any type of business of any industry. These include marketing collaterals, event program scripts, press release articles, press conference, video production scripts and product articles among others.

I have vast experience as well writing for online content of various niches like business and finance, health and beauty, romance and sex, relationships, flowers and weddings, medical and law and book reviews among others. You may check the samples here.

13.   How can I check the progress of the project?
I will send the content draft to you through email for review once they are available. I recommend using Yahoo Messenger or Skype for interactive and simultaneous discussion of the project.

14.   Are revisions included in the services?
Yes. I will develop the initial content based on the data you supplied. I will then submit the content draft through email for your review and feedback. Revisions, when required, will follow after your initial feedback.

15.   In what format will you deliver the final material? How is it delivered?
The final material (approved content) will be delivered to you in MS Word format.

16.   Who owns the content when the project is finished?
You or your company will own the rights to the content once you have approved it and paid in full. I, however, reserve the right to use your project’s content for discreet promotional purposes only.

17.   Do you accept re-writing assignments for existing copy materials?
Yes. Content re-writing assignments take the same amount of time as a new one, most specially when the current content needs full updating or may have a new target reader to make it usable. In this case, I plan well on what to maintain from the currently existing content and what to improve on.

18.   Will each project require a contract?
A working contract is your assurance that you are working with a professional. Unless the writing project will be on a package deal wherein the assignments will be ongoing, then a contract is necessary. A contract insures that both you and I are protected under the agreed working condition of the project.

For smaller projects, I will be issuing a standard job order form that will indicate the nature of the project and turnaround time commitment.

19.   Do you offer subsidiary services?
Yes. I can also provide graphic design services highly complimentary for your writing projects. You may check out my designs at my design portfolio page. Additional charges may apply.

20.   How do we get started?
Simply contact me through and provide me brief information of your project. We will get back to you as soon as possible to get started on your project.

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