Let's Keep in Touch

Yep, I'm human. I breathe air and blood flows through me, so there's really no reason why I should hide anonymously behind a blogsite for that matter.

Besides, I believe you'll agree with me that both our true identities will set the foundation for an honest and comfortable working relationship.

As for mine,  I'll let you have it here.

My home office is located at: 
Riverside Village, Ortigas Extn, Pasig City, Philippines

Should you need to call, you could reach me at:
(Landline) 02-4772831    (Mobile) 0921-5787381
(Skype) grace.amante2

If you're not in much hurry, then email me instead: 

It'll be nice if we could be friends:


Need to do a background check? 
(LinkedIn) Grace Amante

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